The Wilder NASDAQ Global Energy Efficient Transport Index (HAUL) operated live continuously from 2008 through 2012 and over that time it captured and tracked smart energy efficiency in transportation; specifically, businesses that stood to benefit substantially from a societal transition towards cleaner, improved means of moving goods and people.

Stocks and sector weights within the HAUL Index® were based on their significance for greater efficiency, reduced costs, time in transit, and technological advancement. This Index concept emphasized solutions that could make both ecological and economic sense and it included stocks from around the world.
HAUL notably was the first Index for better energy efficiency in transportation and was a benchmark. The older, independent and well-known WilderHill Indexes for Clean Energy (ECO), for Progressive Energy (WHPRO), and Global clean energy mainly outside the U.S. (NEX), stand out as a live family of benchmarks that cover the U.S. & world.
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The Energy Efficient Transport Index®
- as calculated live from 2008-2012.



In contrast to live ongoing Indexes such as for renewable solar & wind in the original WilderHill Clean Energy Index® (ECO), for global clean energy mainly beyond the U.S. as defined by WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index (NEX), or the WilderHill Progressive Energy Index (WHPRO) for reducing CO2 and pollutants from dominant fuels of today, the HAUL Index captured innovation and better efficiencies in moving goods & people from 2008-2012.